SatanYaJew Flushes Trump Down the Toilet

Bibi Netanyahu is the most wicked man on planet earth and he controls nearly all the leaders around the world.  He comes from a tiny nation (Israel) yet commands the world’s most powerful nation the United States of Amerika.  That is a dead ringer for the Little Horn of Daniel.  It was Netanyahu who said that if Trump doesn’t attack Iran then he will be flushed down the toilet.  As you can see the devil’s minions in Amerika are flushing the Donald like a big turd down the toilet.

Just in case you don’t know, politics in Amerika is what Jew wants, not what you want.  Both candidates are slavish whores of Israel, both candidates first go to the Wailing Wall and profess their loyalty to Jews and Israel even before they start their political career.  Biden and Trump are both slavish whores of Israel, and if you don’t know that you might actually foolishly vote for one of them.

Trump was great for Netanyahu. Biden will be better for Israel.

"As President Trump’s term winds down, he’ll cling to the image he tried to cultivate as the most pro-Israel president in history. In a speech last year, he said: “The Jewish State has never had a better friend in the White House than your president.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agrees, telling the president earlier this year that Trump has been “the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House.” "

Israel not only tried to sink the USS Liberty on 08 Jun 1967, Israel did 911 on orders of Netanyahu, and Israel also assassinated a sitting President, JFK on 22 Nov 1963 and got scott clean away with all three.  With that kind of power Trump can kiss his Presidency goodbye unless he turns the tables on Israel and the Zionist Jews.  But will he, can he, when he is so in bed with the Jews?

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since

The United States has had three coups if you count the first one as being Jekyll Island in November of 1910. Those first coup plotters met at Jekyll Island and secretly wrote the law that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. All of the bankers who met in secret were Rothschild agents. This included Paul Warburg of the Rothschild dominated Kuhn Loeb bank. Nelson Aldrich who was a Senator married into the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers were created by the Rothschilds as were J P Morgan, the Harrimans and the Bush family. Senator Aldrich was head of the National Monetary Commission created by President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had become President after the Jews had successfully assassinated President McKinley. They previously had assassinated President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was Jewish. But I prefer not to count these earlier assassinations as coups. The remaining members of the Jekyll Island Six were Treasury Department employees. who did what they were told to do.

The first day of those meetings actually occurred in a private railway car on the evening of November 22, 1910. When the Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system in 1913, they took over the country. Not all coups involve tanks in the streets. It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews.

All three of America’s coups involved Israel. I have defined an Israeli as anyone of Jewish descent who is loyal to Israel. There was no state of Israel in 1910 but there was an ongoing criminal enterprise which could be called Judaism Incorporated. Any educated person whose thoughts have not been contaminated by the Jews should view Israel as the enemy of all mankind.

Bibi Netanyahu is the antichrist, the the Little Horn of Daniel, the world leader that commands all others. 

Here are some of my essays proving it:

Is Trump Taking us to War?

David Goldberg who leaked the Project Zephyr patriot roundup said Bibi Netanyahu was going to “FLUSH TRUMP DOWN THE TOILET” if he didn’t attack Iran.  Trump didn’t do what the mafia boss wanted so now Trump is being flushed from office by the Rothschild owners.

Trump Told To Start Iran War Or Be Flushed Down Toilet!

David Goldberg put out some new information regarding President Trump and the coming Iran War. Goldberg's source in the past told him the US would use over 100 tactical nukes on Iran and an initial force of 120,000 US Troops. The New York Times reported this exact same 120,000 number of troops leaked to them a month later! Clearly Goldberg has some real Whitehouse sources but what he says in this broadcast is not good at all!

More essays about the betrayer Trump:

Zionist Puppet Trump Gives Israel a Free Hand in Genocide of Palestinian People

5 thoughts on “SatanYaJew Flushes Trump Down the Toilet

  1. satanjahu is only the head of mossad and they have all the devilish ideas from jfk-9.11.-bali-
    london-notredame-fukushima-christchurch,jemennuke,beirutnuke, daressalam?and inciting
    hatred of blacks against whites in USA+SOUTHAFRICA ! they have their bloody hands
    everywhere according to maurice samuel . and i´m shure they follow my+yours recognitions
    over nsa+5eyes . i know, they are more inteligent,slick,insidious than we can be what i anyhow
    refuse to abandon the last rest of innocence . innocence was lost with brainmind .every
    calculative mind is jewish independent of race . the sin is not the jew as race, the sin is the
    jewish mind which is also very common under the rich gentiles (goyim) . this mostly unspoken
    recognitions are very virulent in the teachings of patanjali, vivecananda,ramakrishna,bagwan,
    parahansa yogananda : OUT OF MIND INTO THE SOUL (heart) with meditation , only that
    way we can reach the innocence of a native child . but this is not possible in this develish
    insidious world ! maybe in india where people have respect for the lowest + poorest yogi .


  2. all american presidents from w wilson over fd roosevelt until trump were surrounded +
    blackmailed by jews, inciting hatred + war against the geman people in 2 worldwars .
    i ask myself when will jewish media start to incite hatred of africans against whites here
    in germany but i think they will first start islam against whole europa . that´s their aim
    from the beginning . they tryed it in christchurch but it failed ! DEVIL JHVH WHAT WE
    CAN EXPECT FROM YOU ? ? here in germany is the same with our traitor poliicans +
    mediamuftis . all have to make their kotau at jadvashem . there is no SIEGFRIED in USA
    not in europa, not in russia . let´s wait ,maybe china helping us in any way .


  3. i am shure, even when trump + biden don´t atack Iran the jew moles infested USmilitary + cia
    will do . but that would be an atomic worldwar because of russia siding with Iran,syria,india !


  4. the jews with all them willingly following thausends of freemasonry mafia
    in uno, nato ,eu ,wallstreet, cia,nsa, mi5, londoncity, medias, politicans
    in all continents, even africa,china+arabia ! THE FREEMASONRY IS


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