Blacks Eyes on a Hell Planet

Scum Suckers of the Potomac

Scum Suckers of the Potomac

“How disgusting is Congress? How treasonous is Congress? How whored to Israel is the Congress of the United States? When psychopath, war monger, America hater Netanyahu gave a speech about his country our elected representatives could barely stay sitting, they kept jumping up with great energy clapping like penguins high on crack. I’m calling it, that was the moment in time of peak whore doom, when the scum sucking carp on the Potomac showed the world their true whore colors of blue and white. Packed to the gills like carp slurping bread in a Koi pond, our Congress knows who’s their sugar daddy.”

— Yukon Jack from ‘Scum Suckers of the Potomac’


Imagine what happens when D.C. is vaporized, all of our problems are instantly solved without some lengthy painful reform process where we are tortured for another century as the demented thinking bureaucrats try to fix the problems they’ve created. With the central whorehouse gone guess what happens next? Freedom. No more forms to fill out, no more false flag security terror, no more regulations telling us how to behave, no more lessons on morality from an infested ball of tapeworms. And just think, no more fishing licenses, like they own the fish anyways.

— Yukon Jack from ‘Scum Suckers of the Potomac’


“Do you ever watch C-SPAN? Did you ever notice that in most sessions Congress is sparsely populated, but not when Netanyahu comes to town, their ain’t an empty seat in the place. When Netanyahu gives a speech they ain’t playin’ poker on their laptop or sleeping like they usually do. They are attentive like a whore when the pimp shows with a chain in hand. They better listen to their master, they better be all ears, they better jump to attention and clap until their hands bleed like the whores they are. When Netanyahu addresses the Congress of the United States, our elected representatives jump to attention like the devil was stickin’ a hot poker up their asses 

— Yukon Jack from ‘Scum Suckers of the Potomac’



Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a point as he addresses a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, May 24, 2011.

7 thoughts on “Blacks Eyes on a Hell Planet

      1. Thank you so much for sharing this screenshot, I did just see it, I know you are standing for truth here, your website is one of those rare real truthers, not like all the controlled alternatives that protect and hide the truth about the jews agenda! I’m very glad I’ve found that website many months ago, Thank you very much! Keep up the great work.


  1. Oh ok, thanks. I know your comments too are getting censored in those controlled oppositions forums because you’re speaking the truth that they can’t stand and try to hide, so I know you hate censorship.

    No there is no troll in my comments, only my opinions backed up with external source links, Maybe the website system considers any external link as spam so the comment goes straight to the spam folder!


    1. There’s no one censoring us on my blogs, it is just the computer, like all blog sites there is a program filtering spam, and if your post “looks” or “smells” like spam it won’t auto post. What the rules are for spam identification is I don’t know.

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  2. Found this site and it has lot of pics of black eyes:

    The author says its not a normal way to live,

    I agree

    The black eyes on so many prominent people is evidence of something, not from lack of blood drinking (that explanation is an intentional ruse meant to hide the real perp) but from physical trauma of being hit with a fist.

    I want my readers to know that internet personalities who push these wild theories are moles who are intentionally trying to fool you with a false explanation. Why would andrenochrome deficient vampires get black eyes? No reason is offered. They just say that to cover up that people are getting black eyes by a normal method, which is a fist to the face, they do not want you looking into who is controlling the world leaders and other prominent personalities, which we already know are the Zionists.

    Thus, any internet personality that pushes wild conspiracy theories – like Dr. Judy Woods – should be held suspect right off the bat. Anyone pushing flat earth nonsense, any who maintains the official Holohoax story, etc.

    The trade towers came down by a controlled demolition, not space beams.

    The holo story is an outright deception meant to control us.

    Black eyes are from fists.

    Don’t be fooled, look for the most obvious and simple explanation to explain evidence.


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