Is Trump Taking us to War?

Is Donald Trump taking us to war?  Is Bibi Netanyahu and the Rothschild banking cartel trying to force Amerika into a war on Iran? No one is talking about the why of the Coronavirus psyop, it is coming right on the heels of Trump’s impeachment that failed, and now Trump is facing a total economic collapse.

David Goldberg who leaked the Project Zephyr patriot roundup said Bibi Netanyahu was going to “FLUSH TRUMP DOWN THE TOILET” if he didn’t attack Iran.  Trump didn’t do what the mafia boss wanted so now Trump is being flushed from office by the Rothschild owners.

Who is the real author of Jared Kushner’s peace plan? Trump? Little playboy Jared? How about Israeli intelligence? How about Bibi and his staff? Who is going to benefit from this plan? Rothschild? Yep. Bibi antichrist? Yep! Donald Trump re-election? Yep! Jared Kusher’s reputation and political career? Yep! Who is going to get the short end of the stick and end up getting wiped off the map? Palestinians and Jordanians? Politics is Zionist theater – don’t believe a single thing they say.”  -- Yukon Jack from 'Peace Plan LOL'

Trump gave Bibi everything he wanted including the Zionist Peace Plan, doesn’t matter he didn’t go into Iran and level it and glass it over.  Trump can not attack Iran with conventional forces, he would have to use nukes, which is another reason that if we are going to war with Iran they put us into lockdown first.

The WHORE Amerika will not attack Iran because it is suicide. Well to quote Mark Glenn (of the late Ugly Truth website shoahed by google blogger and wordpress) “the whore may crazy but she’s not suicidal”, meaning that the United States will attack weak states like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya for Israel but it will not commit suicide by going up against Iran.

No person can now doubt in the least that Donald Trump is a whore for Israel. Whatever Israel wants Trump gets on his knees and does what he is told. He is a pathetic errand boy for Bibi Netanyahu. On Monday, 25 March 2019 Trump will sign the Golan Heights over to Israel, even though he has zero authority to hand sovereign land over to another.  --Yukon Jack from 'Trump is a Pathetic Errand Boy for Israel'

The whore is refusing to commit suicide, and last time this happened General Dempsey was attacked upon arrival at Bagram Airbase just after telling Netanyahu in Israel that the United States would not have Israel’s back if they attacked Iran.  This story was barely covered, except by VT, Israel is not taking NO for an answer.

So the Zionists first tried to impeach Trump. It was a fail. Now they are using their control of the media to crash the US economy. Trump could be reacting, in a press conference Pompeo says it was an exercise that went live.  Who knows what the hell is going on, everything we are being told from the MSM is a lie.

Trump Tweet Iran Possible Sneak Attack (false flag setup?)

Donald J. Trump

Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!

Pompeo Calls on Americans Abroad to ‘Return Immediately’

Warns commercial air travel could cease

“Americans wishing to return to the United States from abroad should do so immediately or risk a period of uncertainty due to restricted air travel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says.”

"Pompeo asserted commercial flights could soon be unavailable in many parts of the world and urged all Americans currently overseas to weigh their options and return “immediately” if they so desire.

“Americans who wish to return home from abroad should do so immediately and make arrangements to accomplish that,” Pompeo said during a press conference on Tuesday. “We do not know how long the commercial flights in your countries may continue to operate.”

Amerika the Great Whore of Israel

Amerika, now the dumbed down police state has lost it’s way, unable to understand what is happening because of massive Bible indoctrination.  The Republic and Constitution gone, Amerikans now stumble forward without a clue, entrenched in unstoppable Middle East wars, they voted for Trump to make America great again.  As if more war will make us better, as if anyone can pull us out of the death spiral!



The only way out of this is to confront the Jews over 911.  But are we going to do that?  Hell no, we can’t do that because we whoreship the Jew money machine sustained by the wars as our debt goes exponential.  War is the only way we are staying solvent, the huge unpayable debts only float on a sea of ever increasing war spending.  There is no stopping this debt curve, any attempt to stop the debt growth or even to slow it down will create an instant deflationary implosion when all previous trillions of debts become instantly unpayable.

Trump, Epstain, Mossad Blackmail Operation, Bibi, and the Push for the Iran War

"There is NO DOUBT that Jeffery Epstain was part of a huge MOSSAD framing operation. There is no doubt that Clinton and Trump are guilty as hell. There is no doubt that they are circling the wagons in D.C. to protect the system. This is way bigger than OJ Simpson trial. This could bring down the entire Amerikan state. Clinton’s name could be ruined. Hillary could lose her bid for 2020. Trump could get impeached if Epstain squeals on him on what he knows about those Katie Johnson rape charges."

Yukon Jack: General, you go down there.

General Trump: You’re advising me to go into the Iran?

Yukon Jack: Yes sir.

General Trump: There are no Iranians there, I suppose.

Yukon Jack: I didn’t say that. There are thousands of Iranians down there. And when they get done with you, there won’t be nothing left but a greasy spot. This ain’t the Euphrates River, General, and them ain’t helpless Iraqi women and children waiting for you. They’re Shia brave, and Revolutionary Guard . You go down there, Mr. Trump, if you’ve got the nerve.

General Trump: Still trying to outsmart me, aren’t you, mule-skinner. You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really don’t want me to go down there!


3 thoughts on “Is Trump Taking us to War?

  1. Trumps War on Drugs is nothing but a Venezuelan Intervention
    US will increase military presence in the Caribbean to fight drug trafficking funding Maduro:
    [link to (secure)]

    Trump: US to deploy anti-drug Navy ships near Venezuela:
    [link to (secure)]

    U.S. Indicts Venezuela’s Maduro on Drugs With $15 Million Reward:
    [link to (secure)]

    US charges Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with drug trafficking, terrorism:
    [link to (secure)]

    US Navy ‘ready’ for whatever ‘needs to be done’ in Venezuela, Naval commander says:
    [link to (secure)]


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